4 Ways ZiGGY Jobs is Revolutionizing Hiring

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Do you struggle to hire qualified and reliable workers in the supply-chain industry? We’re very familiar with what a time-consuming and frustrating experience it can be, which is why we launched the ZiGGY Jobs app! We wanted to put the power to find and hire the right people into the palm of your hand.

Watch the video below to learn more about how ZiGGY works and then keep reading to countdown the ways ZiGGY is revolutionizing how you hire.

4. We’re bringing the ability to hire on-demand workers to the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing industries

ZiGGY Jobs is the first of its kind in the supply chain industry – an easy to use app that’s accessible any time of the day. Never before have we seen such flexibility and choice when it comes to hiring. Had an employee call in sick? Don’t waste time going back and forth with an agency, simply jump on the ZiGGY Jobs app and search for qualified workers near you looking for work today.

3. We help you to find the right people, quickly and conveniently

Previously, hiring managers or HR departments had to spend hours sifting through bad resumes or working with inefficient agencies who were only available during certain hours of the day. Even worse, after making a hire, companies had no way of knowing if the person was actually a reliable worker until they started work. With ZiGGY, that’s all in the past. The app allows you to easily filter through workers with the skills you need and available for work at the rate you’re willing to pay. You can even double check the worker’s qualifications through the app before making an offer.

2. We give you the ability to easily scale your workforce up or down, based on your needs

Has a large order just come in or is the usual summer lull in full effect? ZiGGY allows you to easily scale your workforce when you need it. Cut down on your overhead costs by only hiring workers when you need them or quickly scale-up your business with a fast injection of new workers. The ZiGGY app means you have the power right in your hand.

1. We’re bringing back accountability

The creators behind ZiGGY have a combined 30 years of experience in hiring for transportation, logistics, and manufacturing jobs. Because of this, they know how crucial accountability is when bringing on new workers. ZiGGY Jobs focuses on skills and abilities while promoting merit and reliability. This means you have the ability to rate the people you hire after the job is complete and you can also see the ratings for workers before you make an offer.

Finding work shouldn’t be a job. Learn more about ZiGGY – the On Demand Workforce for the supply chain industry. Sign up now!

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Introducing ZiGGY Jobs: Your Time, Your Work, Your Way!

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The gig economy has arrived and it goes hand-in-hand with society’s need for all things convenient. We want everything in the palm of our hand, right when we need it. And now the hiring process for the supply chain industry is about to undergo a similar evolution.

After 20 years in the supply chain industry, we’ve noticed that the hiring process has more or less always followed the same cycle.

For Companies, the process goes something like this:

  1. Post a job
  2. Receive and screen resumes (many of whom are unqualified or unsuitable)
  3. Set up and conduct lengthy interviews
  4. Additional tedious steps such as testing or checking references
  5. Finally, you can select a candidate

For Individuals, this can be an even more daunting process:

  1. Agonize over a resume
  2. Register with various job boards and search through endless postings
  3. Submit a resume
  4. Wait for a call for an interview (if ever)
  5. Go to interview
  6. Wait again to find out if you have been selected
  7. Accept offer

These are both lengthy processes that neither the employer or potential employee enjoys. We know because we have been working with both sides for a long time.

We invest so much time in this process and the reality is most of it is based on hope. Hope that you picked the right candidate and hope that you accepted the right offer… or that you even get an offer! The decision to hire a particular candidate is based on the person’s past experience and on questions being asked during an interview, sometimes by multiple people in the same room. You don’t actually know if they can do what they claim until you try them out.  

There are lots of people that can answer questions well, but it doesn’t mean they can do the job. We can’t even tell you how many terrible interviews we have had with outstanding workers. There is no science and no assessment that we have seen, that can predict anything 100%.

This is why the ZiGGY team have been working to change the way you find staff or search for work. We aren’t reinventing the wheel. Companies like Uber, Upwork, Skip the Dishes, and Fiver have brought freelancing and gig work to millions of people. The gig economy is here to stay and we are introducing it to the supply chain world. There are countless opportunities for various skill sets to find work in transportation, warehousing, or manufacturing companies.   

As an Individual working for ZiGGY, you will be provided with the tools and support to be your own boss. You work on your terms. We are just here to help.

Build your profile and represent yourself to prospective companies.  Companies will post jobs, sometimes real-time and sometimes for the future.  There will be full time and part time jobs, as well as casual or day-to-day gigs.  You will be able to customize your settings so you only see the jobs you want.

Our process is simple.  Apply to jobs, get an offer, accept.  That’s it! Check in and check out of the job with the app.  Click a button and we will send you your payment. You don’t have to chase down earnings, ZiGGY handles that for you.  Not only that, these jobs are brought directly to wherever you are.

Our vision is based on highlighting the skills and abilities of qualified workers and matching them to the job requirements. We have a system in place that promotes workers to companies based on merit, integrity, and reliability. When you work through ZiGGY, companies rate you on your performance using an industry verification system.  Do a good job and you’ll become that 5-star employee everyone wants to hire!

ZiGGY is here to be the bridge that helps you get to where you want.  You never have a contractual obligation; there are no restrictions or probationary periods. If you happen to find that perfect company you want to keep working at, and they love you too, then that’s fantastic news!

Your time, your work, your way!

Finding work shouldn’t be a job. Learn more about ZiGGY – the On Demand Workforce for the supply chain industry. Sign up now!

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