We make staffing easy

ZiGGY can help fill your next job opening from a large pool of high-quality workers. ZiGGY makes hiring supply chain staff easy with its on demand platform.

Changing The Way You Staff

ZiGGY is an online platform that allows you to post a job and get workers wherever and whenever you want with no upfront costs. ZiGGY gives you access to community rated workers who promote their skills, merit and reliability. Just sit back and let the workers find you.

How It Works

Find good workers

We have 1000’s of people on our platform with the availability and skills you need.

Manage all hours

We have a built in time management system making it easy to track hours worked and manage labour costs.

Process payments

We make sure everyone gets paid correctly and on time.

Why ZiGGY?

Zero risk

No upfront costs, no liabilities, no contractual obligations.


All workers are covered under our WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) policy.


Our platform can connect you to more individuals, faster.

Time tracking

Our built-in time management system makes it easy to track hours and labour costs.

Rated workers

Individuals using the ZiGGY platform are motivated to do a good job. Receiving positive comments and good rating helps them obtain more opportunities.

Payment processing

We take care of making sure everyone gets paid.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost to post a job?

Its free to post a job and there are no upfront Costs.

Is this yet another job board?

No, ZiGGY is a on demand platform where workers and employers connect.

Who is responsible for covering WSIB?

All workers are covered by ZiGGY’s WSIB policy.

How does ZiGGY Work?

ZiGGY has been designed to make finding and offering work to frontline workers an easy and safe process.

What are the direct hire-on terms?

There are no contractual obligations or restrictions.

Can a contract be extended?

Yes it can.

How long is a contract?

A contract can range from 1 day to 6 months.